The purpose of mediation is to improve relationships among parties

who will see each other again


About Me

A former member of the Volunteer Mediation Service at the Family Court of Brussels (2015-2017), I have witnessed the strain of litigation on couples as well as the uncertainty that surrounds the legal process.


I am a family mediator with an academic background, holder of two university certificates in general mediation and family mediation and accredited by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission. I provide the framework where both partners can negotiate safely and at the same time express and let go of painful feelings.


I am also trained in solutions-oriented brief therapy (Institut Narration asbl) and emotionally focused  therapy (EFT). I use these tools to facilitate communication and problem solving during mediation sessions.


About Family Mediation

What is mediation?
Topics of discussion
Duration and cost

Mediation is the process whereby an independent and impartial mediator facilitates the communication between parties in conflict and assists them in finding a solution to their dispute.

A mediation session

A mediation session is like discussing a complex and sensitive issue with the assistance of someone trained in making difficult conversations work.

During the first session, the participants present their views on the issues at stake and if they commit to solve their conflict in mediation they sign an Agreement to Mediate (Protocole de médiation).

Parents who contemplate separation are concerned about their children's future residence, organising contact with children, child support and a host of parental authority decisions.

Mediation is also suitable for other family conflicts.

The Mediation Accord

The usual outcome of the mediation sessions is the Mediation Accord (Accord de médiation) which sets down in writing all the decisions taken by the participants.


The parties can choose or not to make this written agreement into a court judgement.

A mediation session with me lasts 1h 30 minutes and the mediation fee is 100€/session, that is, 50€ per participant.

The drafting of a written mediation agreement is charged at the rate of 50€ per hour.

After mediation

A duly signed Mediation Accord accompanied by the Agreement to Mediate can be filed with the Registry (le Greffe) of Brussels Family Court. Any party or both parties, through a counsel, may petition the court to ratify the accord.