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Take control over conflict

At times, all of us experience conflict and emotional distance in our close relationships. Hold Me Tight® and its twin program for people of faith C4C-Created for Connection® are relationship education programs developed by dr. Sue Johnson (with Kenneth Sanderfer for C4C) based on the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). I facilitate the C4C program with Victoria Ribokas, a psychologist based in Amsterdam, via online or onsite workshops.


During 8 sessions (two hours each), you will learn how to take control over conflict and build safe and close interactions. We blend group teaching with in-class exercises, video clips and homework exercises.

Session One focuses on what is a secure emotional connection and why we need it from craddle to the very last day of our life. When the secure emotional connection is lost, patterns of negative interactions spring up.
Sessions Two to Seven focus on:

(i) identifying the patterns of negative interactions

(ii) taking control of these negative interactions

(iii) create a safe space where needs and fears can be shared

(iv) responding with compassion to needs and fears.

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